Welcome to the CONCEPT NULL newsletter!

We’re excited to welcome you to this little community we are building.

The aim of the newsletter is to create a repository of all artists in Ireland who might identify part or all their practice as New Media art, and to ‘join the dots’ between all the individuals and groups in Ireland who have been working, making and establishing this area over the last few decades in Ireland. But this should not be limited to artists. Any technicians, researchers, creative coders, or enthusiasts interested in the interdisciplinary nature of art and technology are sought for and welcomed.

We’ll be putting in any funding opportunities, open calls, residencies, workshops, events and online resources that are applicable to new media artists and creative technologists. It will be sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month. That’s it for now.

We encourage anyone to spread the word of the newsletter to anyone who may be interested in reading about this stuff and to share with us any opportunities that you think would fit the bill.