At the start of the summer, we had the pleasure of chatting with Paul, Tom and Aisling who are current facilitators of the Dublin Art & Technology Association. D.A.T.A has created a platform for artists, makers and thinkers to share knowledge about digital cultures and practices in Ireland since its genesis in 2002.

In our conversation, we had the opportunity to touch on topics such as D.A.T.A's identity, how it has evolved over the years, and a deeper look into their approach behind the process of curating & organising events.

We hope you enjoy the deeply insightful conversation with D.A.T.A, while having some fun navigating its latent space!

The website has been designed to visualise the interview in a linear and non-linear format. The interview was processed through a machine/natural language processing algorithm, which ranked each segment of text against various topics that surfaced during the interview.

As a result, the algorithm created a high-dimensional version of the interview, which is commonly referred to as the latent space. Once created, the machine's multidimensional understanding of the text was flattened using a t-SNE algorithm, producing the 2D mapping of the interview.